This product uses the multidimensional features. To use these features the multidimensional plugin (sold separately) is required.
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Bracelet Pulseras Plata Lisa 5x60 mm

Nice an elegant Pulseras Plata Lisa collection.

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Product Properties Extension explanation

This example demonstrates Products Properties Extension multidimensional feature. The product uses the single dimention feature configured in a special way. The dimension is used as a product property ("weight") affecting the price. The "weight" is visible in the shop and editable only in the back office. The final price depends on "weight".
The produt retail price is configured in the back office as "per gram". The merchant operates the stock by weight in grams. Based on the actual orders the merchant always knows how many grams of silver was sold.

This example does not use combinations. See also example with combinations configured using the same feature.

See other examples for the multidimensional plugin.